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We're here to help!

You have questions, we have answers.  Nudie Nubies isn't just for performers. It’s for YOU! We have introduced scores of people to burlesque and created new life long fans. We just want to unite new performers with new burlesque fans.

If there ain't no audience, there ain’t no show.

  • What is burlesque?
    Burlesque is a performance artform involving strip-tease that has made a resurgence in popuar culture in the past 25 years or so. Todays burlesque generally includes a group of auteurs, working together in a variety show format. Burlesque performers come up with their stage personas and concepts for their acts; they choose their music, choreograph their numbers, and usually create their own costumes. Their shows are usually self produced, marketed and developed. It is also a woman driven art, the majority of performers and producers tend to be women.
  • What is Nudie Nubies?
    The Nudie Nubie Show, the longest running amateur burlesque competion in the world, began in Minneapolis/St. Paul in 2013 at The Townhouse Bar. Created by neo-burlesque icons Foxy Tann and RedBone, Nudie Nubies is a place for new burlesque performers to have access to stage and now screen time. It has franchised to San Francisco in2017, and ever since the 2020 pandemic, Nudie Nubies has been on-line reaching international audiences.
  • How do I watch the show?
    Go to What's On Click Tickets from the drop down menu. Locate the event that you want to attend. Click See Show Choose your ticketing option Check Out *you MUST "purchase" a ticket even if it is free to receive a copy of the link.
  • How does the audience vote for the winner?
    After the final competitor, a poll will pop up on your screen. Click on who you wish to take home the crown. Cross your fingers!
  • What if I missed the live broadcast, can I still see the show?"
    You betcha! There will be an archive page of past shows that you will be able to access for a nominal fee.
  • How can I support Nudie Nubies if I can’t watch the show?
    The easiest way is to go to the Donate To Nudie Nubies button on the bottom of the page. Another way is go to the Patrons tab in the menu and find out all the different ways that you can support Nudie Nubies!
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