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The Nudie Nubie Show: World Wide Reveal

“The Nudie Nubie Show, the longest running amateur burlesque showcase in the US, is a neutral and empowering space for newer burlesque performers to ply their trade alongside the neo-burlesque OG's, in front of a live, rowdy audience!” said Foxy Tann. “What better way to learn than on the job, right?” added RedBone. Running for over 6 years in The Twin cities and 3 in The Bay Area, Foxy Tann and RedBone have been providing the space for the next generation of burlesque performers to hone their craft in front of a live audience.


But that is not happening now, is it! We are in the middle of a pandemic!


What is happening right now has opened everyone’s eyes to the need for Nudie Nubies World Wide! There are Nubies everywhere, and because of zoom The Fox and RedBone can be too! With Nudie Nubies’ newly christened tech director and current Twin Cities producer Petty Treason, they are going to virtually tour the world via timezone to hold open doors and provide a platform for performers under the tender “age” of 4 years (meaning they have been performing for under 4 years in the burlesque arena) to work their wonders via video! The entire burlesque community has had to move online and RedBone and The Fox think that this is a perfect opportunity to provide a space for more learning and performing - but online and socially distanced! 


Are YOU a performer under 4? Do you want some time on stage/online? Nudie Nubies World Wide is here for you! The Fox, RedBone and Petty will be touring through different time zones each month, and if you want to be considered for Nudie Nubies World Wide, click here and fill out the form! The showcase will be curated by an all star panel of burly luminaries. 5 slots per show. But don't worry! Depending on the amount of submissions NNWW could come back to your time zone multiple times! This show is about access not gatekeeping! So just send us your dang video!

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