We, at The Nudie Nubie’s Show strive to be a safe, introductory space for our current and future burlesque practitioners to hone their acts/performance skills. We get a number of participants from all walks of life gracing our stage and have found that The Nudie Nubie’s Show has been somewhat of a right of passage, a propagation of the next generation if you will. Its also a great bridging opportunity for students between the showcase and the big stage or straight up introduction to the stage. One of the many goals of Nudie Nubie's is to give new performers an experience that may assist in their beginnings of performer-hood and give them a leg up in exposure to the various "for the people" businesses, school, producers & shows in the Twin Cities and San Francisco.

Q: How do I sign up?


- Go to https://www.nudienubies.com/ or https://www.nudienubies.com/shows

- Click on Shows

- Click on Sign-Up for your chosen city

- Follow directions given at the top of the Tech form & proceed to filling out.

- After you hit submit, you will be instructed to send:

  • 1-3 or more PROMO PICs (renamed Stage Name - Photography Credit)

  • BIO 

  • MUSIC (renamed Stage Name - Name of Act) 

to designated city NN email. Subject line: Date of Show - Stage Name  


Once your producer receives said email, a confirmation response  with more detailed information on your specific show.

Q: Will the descriptions of the act I applied with be used at all? If so, is it possible to give you updated descriptions?

A: Descriptions will not be used.  Those are for us to better organize the flow of the show/make sure there are not back to back concepts or props etc (ex.  I would not want to put to fan dances or 2 chair dances back to back)


Q: Will we know which numbers of mine go first?

A: Your acts will go in order of how you entered them. hence Act #1 & Act #2 (this means both Act #1  will be YOUR first act in the first set & Act #2 will be YOUR second act in the second set)


Q: How do I write a bio?




NNTC Performer Guidelines & Etiquette





St. Paul & Minneapolis law requires that breast nipples, labia, penises, scrotum and anuses be covered. If there is a wardrobe malfunction you are expected to IMMEDIATELY cover the exposed area.


No messy acts.

- The throwing, tossing, pouring or sprinkling of any substance is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to glitter, liquid and food (At Nudie Nubies, you will be disqualified from the competition if you do the prior stated).

- If you have feather costume pieces please be sure to make note of that on the tech sheet.



Most shows are this way, however some producers choose to do a tip split, or no tipping on stage but will pass a bucket. If it’s a theater show, more than likely there is no tipping.


After your act, be ready to collect your stuff

When you exit please make your way to the kitchen door and wait for the stage assistant to retrieve your clothing.


Respect & Understand the Roles of All Production Members & Venue….

The producer is your contact for any questions or requests you have. The Stage Manager/Kitten will act as on-site conduit between the DJ booth, the venue and the producer. Taglines and other announcements can be requested of the MC directly.


Be on time. You should be ready to enter for your act by the time the act ahead of you has begun.



- Get your tech in by the DUE date.

- Give Tech & promotional information how it is asked for



- Don’t heckle

Stage Manager/Kitten

- Be able to communicate clearly and accurately

- If there are any changes to act day of. Let them know.


The only expectation of the Kitten is to pick up clothing and tips. In the case of Nudie Nubie’s they are also Stage Manager & Stage Crew. Tipping out accordingly is encouraged.


If any of the below pertains to you:

-  Interaction or assistance during your act.

- More than 2 props or large props

Contact the producer to make sure there will be space for your props backstage and to let them know you are bringing a person that is crystal clear of what you need to assist you.




Dressing room etiquette: You are expected to be respectful of the staff and other performers. This includes:

  • Keeping food and drink away from other performer’s property

  • Not hogging counter aka don’t explode

  • Share mirror space

  • Keeping walkways clear of trip hazards

  • Keeping backstage areas clean and leaving them cleaner than you found them.

  • Unplugging appliances when not in use

  • When rehearsing, use headphones & not around others

  • Alerting neighbors and getting consent before spraying ANYTHING or find somewhere else to spray. Others may be allergic to your product.

  • Not touching things which are not yours.

  • No smack talking

  • No significant others


Overall, Be as fully informed and informing as possible, treat yourself and each other with respect and try your best to not be a pain in the ass :)

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