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The Boss of Burlesque 

Creator of Nudie Nubies, emcee extraordinaire, host with the most, and fierce advocate of education on the job. The Fox has been opening doors for over 25 years for drag, burlesque, circus and theatre performers and considers it a privilege to share the stage and screen with emerging artists! Considered one of the pioneers of the neo-burlesque movement, she has been a regular on the Burlesque Hall Of Fame stage for over a decade and has had the honor of making a living as a full time show ho! Foxy Tann is also the co-creator of HardCore Pasties, the burlesque professional’s only go to pastie.



The Cyclone of Burlesque

One of the best known tittilators in the world! Voted #3 in 21st Century Burlesque Magazine's Top 50 of 2019 and crowned 2019 Princess Miss Exotic World of Burlesque Hall of Fame she also is the creator of Glam Jam  'Glo-tion For Your Motion'! After traveling the world headlining burlesque festivals and moving to San Francisco, she became a co-founder of The BABE Cooperative and started producing Nudie Nubies In The babe Area. As an artivist and artrepreneur, she wants you to know that even though she is internationally known, she is still Minnesota grown!




Everybody's favorite felony, Petty Treason has been teasing audience in TheTwin Titties since 2016 and since has proved herself to be a prodigy of production! Not only does she produce Minneapolis’ only improv burlesque show, Who’s Bra It It Anyway, she also produces for Capital City Cabaret in St. Paul and Nudie Nubies Twin Cities! But that isn’t enough! Petty also teaches at the renowned Rose Academy of Burlesque. An actor by trade, a stripper by desire...don’t forget...she might screw you over for no good reason!

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