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Volunteer & Support Us 

You want to help support burlesque? 

We want to help you help support Nudie Nubies!

There are lots of ways that you can support Nudie Nubies that would make a significant difference to our overall production and our sustainability!  

  • Subsidize our Zoom account for a month, 3 months, or a year. 

  • Cover the show pay of our monthly headliners. 

  • Pay for a website upgrade. 

  • Sponsor a show. 

  • Help us get Nudie Nubies merch made. 

  • Donate your skills. Do you think you have a skill we can use? Tell us. 


It's the little things that sometimes mean the most. Donating to The Nudie Nubie Show  guarantees that the arts will remain an outlet for all during these trying times while supporting the artists we love so much. 

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